Wedding Slideshow and Wedding Photo Montage Tips

10 Tips for Creating a Fantastic Montage or slideshow

  1. Know your audience
    Sometimes this is an overlooked step in the montage process. We suggest that wedding slideshows have 3 sections. The bride growing up, the groom growing up and the bride and groom together during your courtships years. Family can be added to individual sections, but if you start including guests the montage might get too long or you could leave someone out which might hurt someone’s feelings. Keep it simple and stick to the wedding theme.
  2. Time Length
    Less is more! An 8-12 minute montage will captivate your audience. 75-150 is recommended for a perfect montage. Make it too long and you might find your guests outside on their iPhones!
  3. Choose High Quality Photographs
    While we automatically adjust each photo, there is only so much a software program can do. Properly exposed and framed photos will always look better then photos of poor quality.
  4. Choose a wide variety of photographs
    We all know you were cute growing up! But it’s nice to show a progression and different stages in your life. Try not to choose too many similar photos. It will make a much better presentation if you vary your shots.
  5. Landscape or Portrait shots
    With our mutli-screen digital effects any photo will work. The old fashion montage slide shows of the past are gone at Video Keepsakes. No more black borders if your images do not fill the screen.
  6. Music selection
    Give some thought to your music choices for different sections; each section should have its own unique song.
  7. Add Short Video Clips
    Interactions between still photos and live video will make the montage or slideshow better, but don’t use video clips that are too long or if you can’t understand what is being said.
  8. Add Motion
    Nobody wants to sit through a boring slideshow at your event. Our latest techniques assure that motion and multi-imaging techniques are used to captivate your audience.
  9. Add Transitions
    The problems with most software you have on your home computer are the transitions and variety of effects available to you. Most have very limited transitions and effects. Showing the same transition from photo to photo becomes repetitious and tiresome. At Video Keepsakes Inc, we have special photo montage software and we make our own custom effects, transitions and themes so your viewing experience is unexpected and fresh.
  10. Test it!
    Make sure to test the DVD on the player being used at your event. Some older DVD players will not play newer media.

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